Hamilton's Hens

We are four hens in a garden in Essex. We are Batman, Belina, IG-88 and Laytrice Royale. Mother of Hens will post about us and the wonderful garden we live in.

Egg reviews

Once you experience fresh eggs there really is nothing else like them. I give my spare eggs to friends, colleagues and family who put donations in my collection tin for the British Hen Welfare Trust. People love the eggs so I thought I would collect some reviews!

Possibly the finest poached egg I have tasted. Jayne, Colchester


Your eggs were splendid by the way.  They came to Bognor this us.Nick, Rayleigh

Amy’s Eggs are simply the best eggs I’ve ever tasted in my life. The yolk is so yellow and pure, that it isn’t only nice to eat; it’s also nice to look at too! They make great omelettes and scrambled egg and are pretty much better than any of the eggs that you would find at a shop. 5* – Joe, Age 16, Hatfield Heath 

Just a quick note to say that the eggs your girls lay are quite simply the best I have ever tasted: huge deep golden yellow globes of creamy deliciousness. Personally I prefer them poached simply on a slice of toast and a sprinkle of salt. When you break open the egg and the golden ‘custard like’ yolk oozes over the edges of your toast, you know you are in for a treat.Graeme

After a visit to meet Mother of Hen’s famous ladies on Sunday, I picked up a dozen of her fresh free rangers. Tonight I decided to make myself an omelette with them and it was one of the tastiest I ever had. After advice from Amy, I made it a simple cheese one so I could really appreciate the flavour of the eggs and they certainly were tasty. Bright yellow yolks and a creamy flavour, I highly recommend you give them a try and help to give less fortunate hens a better life! Thank you ladies and I will be back for more. – Mark

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