Hamilton's Hens

We are four hens in a garden in Essex. We are Batman, Belina, IG-88 and Laytrice Royale. Mother of Hens will post about us and the wonderful garden we live in.

Laytrice Royale

My name is Laytrice Royale, I am large and in charge!

Ok, i’m actually quite little and I used to be in charge but we’re not sure who is now! I got attacked by Ruby Dog, aka Red Peril. After that I was top hen, i’d seen things you know, I knew I had to protect the other girls!

I’ve since been in the segregation wing to amend the pecking order so currently, who knows!

My friend Mark named me after the wonderful Latrice Royale, but we changed my spelling because I lay eggs, get it?!


I like these pictures of me, gasp!







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