I have different sections in my garden. There is a vegetable plot at the end, the chicken garden in the middle and a poop and manure free human garden. The chicken garden however is probably where I spend the most time! There is no grass anymore, it is more like one giant dust bath, the only thing that can survive there is shrubs.

I am a bit of a womble and like to find things on freecycle. Someone posted that they had some box hedging which was being pulled up so I had to rescue it. What should have been an hour round trip however turned into four hours and slightly less than free as I burst a tyre on the dual carriageway! Still, free rescued plants are always good!

The swing seat in the chicken garden is great but is in full sun and so often a bit bright for me. I plan on buying some new chairs for the patio so I popped two of the current (and also freecycled) chairs under the tree and quite liked it. Then when the shrubs came up I wanted to make some kind of feature so it isn’t just mud. Here is the start of my Amy’s DIY bodge, using scraps of wood I already had.


The wooden surround didn’t need to be too solid as it was mainly to protect the bottom of the Buxus from chicken claws scratching. In true Amy bodge style I came up with an idea to join the corners of the triangle, stapling on off cuts of lino! Handy right?!


And here is the current status. Pretend I have finished painting the chairs! And the two Buxus in the tubs will be trained into chicken shapes, just give me a few years please!



The next step is to try and get hold of a scrap of astro turf on freecycle, unlikely, but if I can I thought it would be fun to fill in the triangle with it. I don’t know if the Buxus will like their uprooting but I can hope. And of course the hens will be jumping on it so who knows how it will go! For now at least I have a nice green place to sit in the shade and watch the hens, and all it cost as a bag of compost, and sort of a new tyre!

It’s quite nice to look down at the chairs under the apple tree too.


Mother of Hens x