Just imagine winning a significant amount of money on the lottery. I imagine this, a lot. I talk about it, often. I play it, about twice a year. I guess I would need to be in it to win it, and playing would only marginally increase my chances, but it’s good to dream. I would use my money for good and not for evil. Why are there so many rich people who probably don’t really need all their money?!

I follow a lot of chicken people on twitter, a real lovely bunch who love nature and nurture of all creatures. I have found this corner of social media so friendly and caring, and despite not knowing how old people are, what they look like, where they come from and in some cases even their real names, I do know that if i’m ever down they will always cheer me up, just by sharing some kind words or a cute animal picture. They don’t know me, but they are there just to spread a bit of kindness and we could all do that a little more. Certainly no stranger danger there. We all care about animals, especially rescued chickens but I imagine we can’t each do as much to help as we would like to in an ideal world. I would love to re-home some hens but the time isn’t quite right, but what I can do is give back by volunteering at the hen re-homing days for BHWT. But what could happen, only in dreams?

Tonight I posed a thought to my ‘chicken friends’, what sector would you head up if we could win the lottery and run our own animal sanctuary? In came all sorts of offers, including multiple interest in lions, although i’m not sure quite how many UK lions need re-homing! So far in our mythical sanctuary we can cater for the following:

Lions, Guinea pigs, Goats, Birds of Prey, Alpacas and Llamas, Goats, Bees, Hedgehogs, Pigs, Donkeys, Cows, Dogs, Turkeys, Wildlife, other big cats such as a Lynx, Ocelot, Leopard, Tiger or Cheetah, Cockerels and of course CHICKENS!

We also have a gardener, product designer, someone to run the tea room, someone to manage the treats, produce from our goats and not forgetting the head of security and security of mealies:



I can’t see our dream coming true any time soon, but I know who to call when that financial miracle happens, I have a troop of animal rescuers ready and waiting.

In the mean time I will plod on with encouraging others to consider rescue before buying animals as there are so many desperate to be loved and looked after. I will continue to sign petitions about animal related causes in the hope that some day things could change for our animal friends. I will carry on being that weird person who has to describe to someone in the queue for the toilet why she is fishing a fly out of an abandoned pint (because ok it’s a fly, and it will probably die from being drunk now anyway but I can’t just watch it suffer and drown and know that other people will walk past it too). I will continue volunteering with ex-commercial hen re-homings and most of all I will continue to have a heart, everyone and everything deserves just that little more respect than often we think or remember to give.

Mother of Hens x