I am not one for believing in things like star signs, but I was born on a Wednesday and being full of woe sometimes is the right description for me. I’m a bit of a worrier, sometimes for the right reasons but mostly it’s really irrational. I’m getting a lot better, and since we moved to our house and i’ve started enjoying the garden and my hens my mental health really has improved. I’m happier here. Do we stop often enough and think about achieving more happiness? It’s not something I care about often enough, but recently I made a big decision to try and make me the best me I can be.

I’ve often mentioned out loud ‘imagine if I could afford to drop a day at work’ and considered what I could do with the time. I could do some chores, read a book, clean out the hens to free up the weekends, cook up a batch of freezer meals, start the golden gate bridge of painting skirting boards, all sorts! A few weeks ago I actually thought about doing it for real. I’ve never been one for extravagant purchases, have never had a credit card and you won’t find me buying new outfits every week and frittering money away. I’ve spent years saving for our house and now we are here. I’m as me as i’m ever going to be, so I thought now might be the time to start embracing that more. Deciding to take a pay cut is a very hard thing to do, scary in fact. I did some sums to make sure I could still afford the mortgage and bills and the odd few plants etc and thought to myself ‘sod it’. If not now, when? I’m not going to breed small humans, we aren’t intending to move or make any other major lifestyle changes so now is the time to do something for me. So,  with understanding from my workplace and inner acceptance that just because ‘the norm’ is working full time doesn’t mean I have to, I did it! Tomorrow will be my first of many non working Wednesdays.

So, what to do? I’m hoping the weather will be nice so that I can work on kitting out my shed some more and spend some time with the hens. Then a friend is dropping in for a delicious omelette for lunch and perhaps I will do something in the house. Whether it’s fun things or chores, it won’t be work, I will just being me, and hopefully start feeling a bit more positive about me too. In future I might try and volunteer a few times a month with some kind of animal charity, I will see if something pops up that I think i’d like and be able to add value to.

My only rule is not to slouch around on the sofa all day, I have to do something worthwhile on every Wednesday 🙂 Please hold me to that! So cheers everyone, I think I might enjoy myself a little G&T!

Mother of Hens x