There have been so many hens lost recently among my online friends. Our little nook of chicken people on twitter is wonderfully supportive and I thought I would do something to remember some of our recently flown winged friends.

I bought this thing with pockets to plant up and make the fence look a bit more exciting. I figured I could pop a message in a pocket and as it rots down, the hen sentiment can help the plant. I went to the garden centre and bought some alpines as they don’t need too much soil and I figured they would work well in little pockets. Here are those added today.


Fiona wanted a message for all her hens lost. This little alpine strawberry was grown by my Mum and was a little lonely outside on my shelf of plants so was the first plant in:

A message from Marilyn all the way in the USA with this little fluffy house leek type:

Vanessa’s hen memories are going in with a little alpine pansy/viola:

For Lizzie’s Bunty Hen a Drosanthemum: ‘For Miss Bunty Hen, escape artist and then grand old lady’.

Sarah has a nice little alpine with white flowers already, Saxifraga: ‘To my beautiful Ivy, you were my one in a million xxx’

Annie remembers Adelaide with an Aubrieta: ‘To our gorgeous Adelaide, Queen of all she surveyed and layer of the most beautiful blue eggs. AA&UC xx’


For Piper from Litchfield Henitentiary a Sedum Variegatum: ‘Dear Piper. We just wanted to send you clucks from Litchfield. We still think of you lots, and the female misses her sunbathing companion. A quick peck. Love your fellow inmates.’

Litchfield Piper

Deborah and Steve recently lost Doobie the hen but wanted to remember all their lovely hens. They are in a pocket with some home grown house leeks.

And finally Carol’s Audrey had a message in with a Ranunculus. Apologies it’s name is also ‘brazen hussy’ but it did also make me smile 🙂

I can’t wait for these little alpines to grow, especially any destined to have flowers and the lovely trailing ones. It will look really nice when sat in the conservatory, in fact I think I may purchase another for herbs! There are more pockets with plants in already if anyone else wants a message to go in and to grow a memory.

Thank you to the hens whose humans’ are dropping a donation into a hen re-homing box too.

Mother of Hens x