I had planned to put a green roof on my new shed but sadly you can’t actually see it unless you are over two metres tall! My Mum brought over some house leeks she had grown on the roof of her barge in a rope circle which we planned to put on the roof. Instead of the roof we decided to put it around the edge where you can see it. I need to reinforce with more screws but it’s great to see how it looks up there. I have some spare house leeks I might poke into the rope here and there, oh and there is one trying to escape on the right there, I must get him tomorrow!


As you wouldn’t see a green roof of sedums we changed tact. We squished some of the sedum we had along the edge as you can see it rolling over the edge then we put some of the shed base grids I had spare on the roof and filled with gravel and soil. We chucked a load of wild flower seeds up there. If it grows and you can see it from the ground as the flowers may be tall then great but if you can’t see them then no problem, the bees might like it if they grow! Purple turtle is up there temporarily as it is full of more house leeks for re-homing soon.


What do you think to my bespoke drainage system?! Incredibly well thought out…. Or…. I got happy with a drill and using a big hole cutter bit for the first time and then wedged in and ‘squidge gunned’ some chopped off bits of hose pipe! (Aka silicone sealant in a squidger thing). The hose was very yellow so I slapped on some wood paint hoping it might stick! Don’t see why it won’t work.


More shed amendments to come soon but for now I leave  you with some house leek facts:

  • House leeks are also known as hen and chicks which as a hen keeper is a brilliant coincidence, I didn’t know that until now!
  • House leeks can protect you from witchcraft, fire and lightning strikes.

Mother of Hens x