It is finally here! My new shed! I don’t have much time to do a proper post but here is a peak:

I’m incredibly pleased with the fence I have made. It isn’t important to be perfect, but it is important to try, and be proud of what you can achieve. I made this out of stuff! And the gate opens, it is very exiting!

My next challenge will be making a sofa. Why buy one? I am on a roll with my bodging, so why stop! I have some scraps of wood so I think I will just have a go, it will only be me sitting on it anyway! It is going to go here:


And here is my wall of hen namesakes. From left to right:

Jurassic Bwark as a placeholder for Belina, I haven’t found one for her yet, then, Batman, IG-88, Laytrice Royale and some feathers from my dearly departed Wingnut.


A proper post soon 🙂

Mother of Hens x