Sorry, not the Poddington Peas, yet! Today I have finished building the raised beds in my vegetable plot. You may recall that this was where my hens used to be but is now a separated area for produce, under the pergola type structure.

In typical Amy fashion I have attacked this task as always, freestyle! I made boxes for the last beds but decided to make this one in an L shape. I just sort of sawed away, screwed bits together, slapped on the paint and stapled round some compost bags. It may not be perfect but I made it, and i’m happy! Some progress shots:


I brushed some sand inbetween the paving slabs (freecycled) to tidy it up a little and used some spare wobbly edge slabs from elsewhere to hide the bits of plastic bag. This is the view as you walk in the gate.


I’m pretty pleased with the result, although I only made them with feather edge boards so they may not last next year but time will tell. I need to collect some more manure and topsoil or buy some compost to fill them up, then I just need to wait for my seeds to grow!

This is the other end of the end of the garden, I have some berry/currant bushes in here, the stick is a fig tree and there is a little rescued unknown apple tree. I swapped a compost bin on freecycle for it, the lady had it on her allotment and wasn’t sure if it was something dwarf like crab apple or not and she couldn’t risk it being to big so I gave it a home.


I can’t wait for the summer!

Mother of Hens x