I scribbled a funny little triangle on a piece of paper one day with a beak, an eye and a comb on it. This very un-technical drawing was a silly idea I had for bunting, so I made a prototype! The reaction from my chicken friends on twitter was wonderful! Here is the prototype:

Luckily for hen charities but unluckily for me and the sewing machine the orders came flying in! So far I have raised £261.40 for BHWT, £13.00 for Lucky Hens and £10 for Fresh Start for Hens.

I have bought a selection of coloured fabrics, including some with lovely little chickens on wearing aprons and cooking! I have purchased the fabric as my donation and will only take the postage from your donation. If demand goes mad I will buy some more fabric from the money I get selling the eggs from my girls, although I do only have four!

The bunting has seven flags, three hens and four others. They are about 18cm wide each and you can push them as close or far apart on the string as you want. The minimum donation is £10 with an estimated 96p taken off for postage. I will let you know how much goes to the charity once posted.

You can choose from the following colours currently: (Running low on small strawberry so catch it while you can!)

To place an order please complete this form: Bunting order form I will then get in touch via email for your postal address and chosen way to pay.

You will need to decide which colours you would like and put the options in your form as below:



Mother of Hens x