When we moved in about eighteen months ago we vowed that the bathroom would be the first thing to go. A carpetted bathroom, need I say more? I don’t need to, but I will! There was no ventilation, the window leaked, the tiles were grotty and only got grottier as we didn’t exactly love the bathroom, there was one boiling tap and one freezing and the toilet seat snapped at boys. The first thing to go? Sadly not, things never go to plan, BUT it has been SO worth the wait. Here is a bit of a grim before:

I have always loved the art deco style and I wanted to design something a bit vintage looking. Am I allowed to say I designed the bathroom? It’s more like picking and choosing but designing sounds fancy so lets go with that. Everything was to be modern of course, but with an old style where we could.

To start with I knew I wanted the undergound/metro style tiles. We have them in our kitchen and I just love them. There are limited colours available but Topps Tiles had these gorgeous plum ones and they were in the sale so it just had to be. We had a few black ones leftover from or kitchen and so I thought ‘how about a row of black?’ and I am so glad I had this brainwave. It breaks up the block colour (as the tiles go all the way to the picture rail) and adds an extra feature. It also matches the top of the toilet which you can see further down. Pretty nifty don’t you think?


My next favourite feature is our radiator. I never thought I would fall in love with a radiator or heated towel rail but when I saw this I simply had to have it! It ties in so well with the style and just fits perfectly. It’s also nice to finally have a working heater, although I do need to play with the boiler as it gets super scorching.


Everything else came together quite nicely too. We managed to pick taps, a shower screen, light fittings and other accessories which were all classic chrome rod style and so looks quite sleek. I even feel posh having a matching soap dispenser instead of a plastic bottle, i’ve never had one before and yes I am that sad to think that makes me posh!

The final love of the bathroom is the mirror. I couldn’t find an art deco style mirror that wasn’t absolutely enormous and then I came across Rosalind Battson on ebay. It was just love at first sight. The mirror was the perfect size to fit above the sink, the black and white linked in with the black feature tiles and white suite, the art deco style has pulled in the theme I was aiming for and most of all it was unique. I do love supporting small businesses and this has just MADE the bathroom. Isn’t it stunning? She can make bespoke designs for you and with the investment we have made in the bathroom it was definitely worth splashing out for something special.


I never used to be a bath person, we never had one in the flat, but after a cold day outdoors gardening or cleaning out my hens I love nothing more than a relaxing soak. Previously the relaxing involved staring at mouldy bits of ceiling and wondering what nasties there might be in the carpet so I can’t wait for my first bath in here. Hopefully now the toilet seat will stop biting boys too!


Now I just need to get around to painting the door, the bathroom is too smart now for me to call the door ‘shabby chic’!

Mother of Hens x

Oh, and I just have to add in a ‘faces in things’. Look at the builder’s dustpan, love him!