I have come to the conclusion that I may be part Womble. I like making things out of other things and am partial to a toasted teacake.

Weekends for me these days are not restful, but full of my silly DIY bodges. I don’t play by the rules, I haphazardly have a go at making things with the hope that I don’t injure myself and that the thing has some sort of purpose! Having been laid up in bed Friday and Saturday, today was my doing something day. I went to get a few additional ingredients from the DIY shops and set about yet more chicken coop/run improvements.

When the Avian Flu Prevention Zone was put in place I pieced together some small blue tarpaulins that I picked up from the local market in an emergency. They did the job but made the run a little dark and were only woven and so the rain dripped through. A few weeks later I invested in one large clear tarpaulin to cover the whole run, however, even with a bit of wood wedged underneath the water still pooled and although waterproofish when collected in a pool it still dripped through. Today I thought I could bodge something to raise the roof! Below is the before. Sadly the weight of the cage means it drops down in the middle and so even with the wood the tarp sagged and water gathered:

I drilled some holes in some pieces of gravelboard and placed them on top of the run. I used some really big thick cable ties and secured to the top of the cage. It didn’t need to be neat or too sturdy so this seemed the easiest idea to keep it in place, and I think it should work.


With the extra height, I then needed something to slope down for the tarpaulin to rest against. Without the technical skill to saw and mitre corners, nor the time to do such a thing as I just had to get it done I came up with a cunning plan. Haberdashery meets DIY!

I cut some timber to the right size and used some webbing and tacks to join two bits together, with a little gap inbetween. The idea was that this would hold and the webbing would protect the edges of the wood from rubbing through the tarpaulin. It was also flexible and without need for precise measurements, I don’t really do that!

I made five of these and spaced them roughly across the top of the cage, with some dodgy climbing and hope I wouldn’t fall off! Then I re-positioned the tarpaulin as tight as I could. Here is the finished article, although it got dark so the pictures aren’t perfectly clear but you may get the gist.

Tomorrow I will see what I have created in the daylight and hope that it is now slopey enough for the water to trickle off. I am hoping this is another successful installment of Amy’s DIY Bodges!

Mother of Hens x