I have been waiting for the Big Garden Bird Watch for a while now. Having only had a house with a garden for about 18 months, all outdoor things are exciting to me, including sitting outside in the cold! Yesterday I bought some extra goodies for the birds:


I have just come in from doing my count. My bird feeders hang in the apple tree in the garden and I can’t see clearly enough from my conservatory, and so I decided the best thing to do was hide in the chicken’s run. Time with the girls AND my bird counting, a clever if not cold plan! I put on several layers including a blanket and sat myself as out of view as I could, desperately hoping someone would eat the new peanuts. Here I am in the coop with my helper, Laytrice Royale.


Belina and IG-88 seemed rather confused as to why I was sat in there, what was I up to?!

I haven’t got any incredibly exciting things to report garden bird related. A few were pottering about and a lot were singing away from neighbouring trees, but sadly, no-bird came for the treats I had put out for them. I did see my favourites though, I managed to zoom in on Blue Tit and my nosey friend Robin popped in to say hello too.

I am now trying to submit my count to the website, I will try again later as I think it is a bit busy right now. My results for 12:19 – 13:19 Sunday 29th January 2017, in Chelmsford Essex are:

2 Blue Tits, 5 Blackbirds, 1 Wood Pigeon, 1 Robin, 2 Collared Doves and one gull flew overhead, didn’t settle so probably doesn’t count!

Now for the pet birds. Sitting in the chicken run was rather nice as I got a cuddle from Laytrice and also got to see the girls enjoying the perch I built them last weekend. Finally, something I have made them that they like! This section of their home is very recent so I am really happy they like the extra space, the straw bale and the high up perch which enables them to look out across the garden. Here they are having a bit of a preen of their feathers.

My grumpiest hen, Batman (who doesn’t really like other hens or humans) seems particularly keen on the new perch. I caught her have a proper settle in to it. So she does love something, solitude!

Just having a cup of tea to warm up then i’m back outside in the cold to do some real work!

Mother of Hens x