Some people like to buy nice shiny things, go out to dinner, buy new DVDs, splash out on all manner of things. Me? I like a shed.

I have a long wooden garage for my precious old minis which I may one day get fixed up, when I stop spending money on sheds. The garage is often called  a shed because it is wooden, i’m sure it doesn’t get too offended. I also have a shed shed, garden stuff and all sorts of other junk, it’s full. Oops. It’s time I got me a third shed, only this time, it’s for me and the girls.

I never realised how much I might like having a garden. My Mum is a gardening nut and I never understood it until I had my own. When I lived in a flat I didn’t know what I was missing, but this summer I really have felt a lot better in myself from having some time just sat outside mooching about and watching the hens causing havoc. Unfortunately now it is cold and dark and i’m feeling sad, maybe even SAD. This is dangerous as it means i’m planning this third shed!

My grand plan is to have a dual purpose summer house, or well, shed. Half will be for the hens, their eglu can go in there for extra protection, the other half will be a sofa for me and electric hookup so I can sit undercover listening to the radio and maybe in will hop a hen for a hug. Somehow, the shed builder I found understood my dodgy drawing in Microsoft paint and seems to be able to translate!

I’m hoping for a reverse pent design so that I can plant a green sedum roof to look at, I really fancy this idea and have been looking at a lot on Pinterest. I’m also a big fan of Studio Ghibli, especially Totoro. I’m planning on theming it loosely around Totoro, perhaps painting it grey with a white door. I have a poster I bought at a comic convention which can go in my side.


Yesterday I took some annual leave to start preparing the area for the shed. It means that the triangle coop has been dismantled, but in the long run the girls will end up with more space and I hope to fill their coop with exciting things to bathe in and climb on including my freecycled purple turtle! Here is the old triangle coop:

I had to dig up some little laurels I had planted but they hadn’t really taken root yet. Of course the hens thought they could help with that. #HelpingNotHelping

There were also a few plants I wanted to move, a bit scraggy but I thought it worth saving them to see if they sprout up again. I moved my little brick wall along a bit to create a space and of course the girls helped here too! What is it about hens, if you want to pick them up they run away but if you want them off your spade, no chance! Some fine fluffy butts here though.

So here we go, a space for a shed. I still have a lot of digging and leveling to do but it’s a great start for my new retreat.


I wonder what Batman and Belina think is going on, they seemed to be having a little gossip on the bench:


And IG-88 and Laytrice Royale carried on inspecting the grounds:

More updates soon!

Mother of Hens x