Earlier in the year we lost our dear little gerbil, Crumb. (And previous to that her friend Mint Berry Crunch). Crumb liked to eat pumpkin seeds and we would let her have two every night, or sometimes more when she came up to pretend we hadn’t already given her the two seeds. Wise for one so small. Sadly one day the two seeds remained there uneaten. It could have been a sad day but she had such a wonderful little gerbil life I only shed a small tear.

We have now been in our house a year and were previously flat dwellers. Now we are house people I have found i’ve spent a lot of time outside in the garden with the hens which of course has been amazing. However, now it is cold and dark when i’m home we are back to nights on the sofa under a blanket watching the telly box. I miss Crumby and there being a little presence in the house so I decided we should have another house pet. Crumby wasn’t much of a picker-upper and I didn’t force it for my own benefit, I just let her do her thing digging in her gerbil tank and chewing up cardboard as that’s what she liked. It’s more just having a critter there to say hello to when you get home, you know?

I’m a great believer of rescuing and the local RSPCA had two gerbils listed. They had been there over a year so I assumed they were stock photos and generic names so that if someone enquired they would say how many gerbs they had. Upon my enquiry I found that actually Viscount and Bourbon had been there that whole time, waiting for someone to give them a home. Unfortunately they do not get on and can’t live together, but I couldn’t take one and leave the other, so I designed a house where they could both have a side.

Here are some progress shots of my building a unique Gerbiltopia:

The glass tanks I had made had a story of their own. They got built, then dropped. So the glass person stayed late to fix them and then made them upside down! This meant postponing gerbil gathering for a week but the rescue said not to worry, gerbil homing was to be a surprise for the guys and they hadn’t packed their bags yet!

On Saturday I went to pick the guys up. I took down their little bio signs to take with me, signs that these guys probably wished had been taken down some time ago, but they waited, patiently, for me.


So now the guys are here. They both have their own house, but perhaps can find comfort in hearing each other so they know they aren’t alone? Bourbon was straight to work chewing and digging but Viscount was a little more shy. Now just a few days later they have both definitely come out of their shells and are gerbilling about as they should. They were listed as adults last year when they were looking for a home so we don’t know how old they might be. However long they live with us we hope they have a lovely time!

In this modern age, a relationship isn’t real until it is on social media is that right? Well luckily it is official for us, here they are with their ‘rehomed’ banner.


Pictures of my new friends are slightly challenging to obtain. They are so busy chewing and digging that they are too fast to snap! Wildlife photography isn’t one of my talents, yet! They need some more material in their tanks now they are settling in so i’ll keep monitoring to see if I can get any better pictures!

The doors still aren’t quite right so I have work to do. I’m considering this first attempt a prototype and it will give me something to do by working on a new front door design! I also thought of hanging a little framed picture in their ‘dining room’, is that too nuts?!

I will provide some gerbil updates soon but right now I must watch gerby tv. They are just too cute!

Adopting pets really is a valuable thing to do. Why don’t you consider it too?

Mother of Hens. And gerbils. x