This weekend one of my friend’s (and the person who named Laytrice Royale) came to meet the girls for the first time. He wasn’t disappointed!

Having only the seen the hens in pictures he remarked how big they seemed, I too thought this when I started looking at chickens in real life, they are bigger than you picture and mine are made of fluff it seems!

Mark bought round some lettuce, a sure way to gain the girls trust, little greedies.

While the girls munched their lettuce, we had a nice cup of tea and a sit down. This was an excellent opportunity for us to all taste test my Chocolate Biscuit Fridge Cake. A recipe for which I have written down for the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT), hoping some people can make this for their Free Range Friday in September to raise some funds.

Thank goodness for my friend and his brother, who without their excellent tasting skills I would not be able to publish this recipe. True heroes. (Check back soon for the recipe and pictures!).

With sugar in our tummies it was time for Mark’s first ever hold of a chicken! Since described as ‘One off the bucket list’! Here I am picking up Laytrice and demonstrating how to scoop up a chicken.


It is very important to have your hand over their wing. A little heard of crime is ‘Wing Slapping’. This can be very painful, especially when one is Wing-Slapped in the face. If this crime is happening in your own garden do not be afraid to speak up and contact others who have experienced something similar, we are here to help.

Now, although Mark named Laytrice, Little Belina Hen is the best for picking up. Laytrice much like her name sake has got attitude whereas my girl Belina is quite polite. We pick her up, pass her over and then the joy begins!

How can you not love chickens?! Especially as a visit to Hamilton’s Hens involves eggs.

News just in, the eggs are ‘the freshest i’ve tasted!’ says Mark and here is the delicious omelette he had for tea! Going. Going. Gone.

I love my girls so much and the love is certainly spread when they get to make new friends! Head over to my reviews section to see what Mark said, oh yes, i’m pro, I have a reviews section. Thanks for Mark’s visit and for the nice donation he made to BHWT.

Mother of Hens x