For anyone who knows me, they know I love Mameshiba. A Japanese cartoon, these characters are half bean and half dog and just THE CUTEST! Here they are:

I love them so much I even have a Mameshiba tattoo:

So it is obviously very exciting now that I have a garden that I can grown my own Mameshiba by planting peas.

The Mother Ship said I had to help their little pea hands cling onto the sticks when we first planted them. They were so delicate, but amazing how they just clung on and twirled around. Then seeing little bean pods start to grow was just magic. I suppose before I owned my own garden I didn’t look at things growing in the same way.

Soon the pods started getting a bit fat and the Mameshiba were just bursting to get out. Here they come!

The little green peas didn’t make it to the pot, there weren’t many so the fresh little peas just got eaten straight from the pod. Delicious! We have had trouble with slugs in our garden but peas seemed to grow well so next year there will be LOTS of Mameshiba!

Mother of Hens x