All I have had in my head all day is ‘Nothing But A Heartache’ by The Flirtations, only with the words ‘Nothing But A Hand Saw’ for I have been DIYing! It has taken me all day but i’m pretty pleased with what I did, just little me and a hand saw!

So, my recent IKEA trips have been fruitless and all of the things I wanted have been discontinued, including a plant stand. So, what do you do? Make one! Today I created this beauty by cutting up bits of wood I already had and using odds and sods from my collection of stuff and things. I’m so chuffed!


I had some ingredients from something else I was making which didn’t quite work out, so in a way this was free!

The hard work today has been a lot of sawing, by hand. I had to cut through the big thick pieces of wood to make an angle so the base was more stable and cut down the thick ply to make shelves. I put one of the saw horses in the chicken’s coop as a perch/climbing frame, they haven’t used it yet so didn’t mind me borrowing it!

The construction was totally made up which is my usual way! I used various brackets and odds and sods of nails, screws and nuts and bolts.

The rest of the day was spent  re-potting things to go on the stand. A friend had given me a tub full of cuttings of herbs and other things so I moved them into individual pots and used the trough to plant up some Fuschias and Petunias bought for 50p each. Hoping they spring back to life and flower. I also added some dinosaurs I found in the shed 🙂 So here it is, a nice colourful side to the patio in the human garden!

I hope everyone likes it, i’m very proud. I love being able to do stuff in the garden!

Mother of Hens x