Hi chickies!

So as you know, the coop had to move last weekend. What was left behind was a mess with no set purpose, just ideas and thoughts swirling around in my head. One of these thoughts was to just never ever go down there as she would just spy on me from her window and I wouldn’t be comfortable. But, i’ve worked so hard for this house and garden so the Mother Ship sent the mother of all lists of all the things we need to do down there, this weekend, yes, in two days. I think there were 39 things on the list! I feel very broken but very pleased.

Here is the weekend’s challenge where the old coop was, the old coop when it was up (from the new coop view) and the new one.

First we had to shift the mud pile from the patio to be area. Some went to create a trench for some beans which i’m assured grow very tall so we can block the neighbour out temporarily. We used some old bricks I had been collecting for free to make things.  Here are the beans in their new home. They came from the market, only 50p for about ten plants, such amazing value, i’m starting to love the plant stall. We used the old poopy chicken wood chips in the bed to fertilise but also make it look quite tidy. Mum is a very experienced gardener so knew how to set up the canes and net to make a bean home.

Now, although we thought we pinned it down really well, naughty Belina hen managed to hop in and I caught her in the act! Luckily she lets me pick her up so she didn’t flap and get caught, a fairly easy Belina removal! Laytrice Royale was up next and wasn’t so well behaved. She managed to get inside and scrap around. I tried guiding her out with a prod from a bamboo cane and she was in no hurry, she sauntered along casually cocking her head to the right and pecking off bits of bean! No beans for you if or when they grow.


Whilst making the bean home, we came across this little froggy friend. Having been a flat dweller for so long I hadn’t seen a frog in years! There was mild peril in the form of gardening tools and hens, I wasn’t sure what they’d do. Luckily I had a tank in the shed so in froggy went for safety, later we made a safe space to pop frog back.

Next up was operation rescue stuff. More mud and wood chip went to the right where I already had a railway sleeper in place. We dug up and saved some day lilies and Mum brought along some comfrey and daisies from her allotment which we hope will spring up. More netting added to stop eating and scratching from the girls. Here is a before and after, sorry I took away a dust bath ladies!

Now I said there were maybe 39 items on the list. Don’t worry, I didn’t take pictures of all of them as many were things like digging, moving slabs, digging up poopy wood chips etc! Here are just a few more items achieved from the weekend:

Lavender and Buxus secured with net. Boards secured to coop to keep wood chips in and hanging baskets planted, to make it pretty! Batman and IG-88 inspecting my dodgy sawing.

A general garden tidy up and some petunias added to my now sad looking empty tubs of spring bulbs. Nice to have a bit of colour.

And finally the hens playhouse wedged between the Choisya and Bay! Didn’t want it to go to waste as it couldn’t fit in the new coop so now it can be a dry dust bath for them when they are out in the garden. I got a tad scratched up trying to do this with much plant life in my hair!


So there you have it. A weekend’s work, condensed into one post!

Mother of Hens x