Hi coop friends,  I am going to do this post backwards and start from how I feel right now following the epic coop move this weekend! I am mostly unable to move my right shoulder, have bruises all over my legs and knees but am feeling incredibly proud of what my family and friends have helped me achieve this weekend, mostly the lovely Mother Ship! Just have a look at where we have got to, although we have plenty more work to do:


Above is the best view as you can’t see all of the mud we created. I recycled some of the willow edging and made this little corner look pretty. There are four Lavender and two Buxus on the ends. We had to make the cage L-shaped to avoid the apple tree, I think when it grows a little more this will look lovely. There is also a climbing Fuschia in the corner but somehen may have pecked it’s top off, we’ll see! All the plants came from the market and were incredibly good value.

The cage is now half the size of the previous one, a shame, but when I originally designed it I didn’t think they would have the evenings and weekends out playing in the garden and so i’m sure this is still plenty of space. The triangular structure at the end we managed to create and build with cable ties. I filled the bottom up with a patchwork of bits of dug up lawn which I had saved and scattered down some grass seed. I haven’t yet cut a hole for the hens to go in as I want it to grow a bit first. I won’t be able to get in there to clean it so I hope they don’t make too much mess a hose can’t fix. Watch this space for when I open this up for them. The pieces were a jigsaw to fit together and the construction has been a bit of a nightmare but it is nice and secure now. Just waiting for some more wood chips so it can be nice and deep for them to dig around in.

Whilst making the ‘green triangle’, the nosey beaks as always just HAD to know what was going on. Here are my little jailbirds, Laytrice even had a nice little sit down! I think they’ll enjoy this when it is available.

Another step back and we had the hens trying to ‘help’ in the wet ground which is mainly clay so rather slippery. They thought they were in Glastonbury, only they didn’t like the neighbour’s poor taste in music!

Here are some of the mid point pictures of the mega dust bath which hens rather enjoyed and ‘helped’ to dig. Although hopefully you saw these in my other posts!


Finally, I will go back as far as to post a picture of the old coop. I won’t dwell on this as some unfriendly circumstances led to a forced move, but it was rather fantastic so a great shame we had to demolish and lose all of the money we paid for super-secure concrete footings. This was what we had before but going forward I plan to plant trees and make our own mini forest for some wild birds to live in.

More gardening adventures will be posted soon but for now I need to go to sleep, try not to roll over on my right shoulder and hope no more bruises develop!

Mother of Hens x

This is what #TheEpicCoopMove did to me!