So, a few weeks ago I had an amazing result from my fundraising efforts for the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT). I raised a total of £507.40 which I was absolutely over the moon with.

Every last Friday of the month we have a dress down day in the IT department where I work and donations are given to a chosen charity, usually everyone puts in £1. I nominated BHWT at the start of the year and my day came around on the 27th May. I quite often help with the collecting and so I know that a lot of people ‘shirk from home’ on a Friday and so I didn’t want to miss out on their donations, so I had to come up with some other ideas. Dress down usually gets about £100 but I wanted to do a little more. Here I am dressed down/dressed up a bit chicken like! I made the skirt thinking it looked a bit like my girl Batman’s fluffy butt, and as for the chicken leg socks, well I had to didn’t I?!

I decided to contact patrons of BHWT and some local companies to see if they’d donate a prize for a raffle and I was overwhelmed with the responses.

IMG_7609 - Copy

Julia Kendell, Antony Worrall Thompson, Jimmy’s Farm, Poplar Nurseries (local independent garden centre) and a nice fellow chicken tweeter Jean @TheGreenJeanie all donated prizes and it went down really well at work. Everyone was quite excited about the prizes and I sold a lot of tickets over three weeks.

The results were drawn from my hen bag!Jpeg

I also decided to hold a bake sale. I saved up a couple of weeks worth of eggs to ensure everything was made with happy eggs. The bus journey with these was nerve racking!

Monday seemed the perfect day to hold the sale as everyone had Sunday to make things and we all need an office pick me up on a Monday! I was stunned by how many of my colleagues  baked something, I didn’t have enough room on the desks! I sat by the baked goods all day which was quite a challenge I tell you.

Here are some of the goodies we had on offer that some lovely people made:

I figured that not everyone would be able to leave their desks and find their way to us, so I used the post trolley to take cake to the people! Actually had a lot of fun, I liked my trolley and it certainly got a few more coins out of people.


When it came to cashing up I just couldn’t believe how much I had managed to make. It may not be big in the grand scheme of things, but for one small person I was so so chuffed with over £500 and it brought a few tears to my eyes thinking about some of the precious little lives it can help.

I urge everyone to do a little bit of fundraising for their chosen charity, it’s so worthwhile, and especially good when there is cake involved!

Mother of Hens x