So, day two of the big dig happened today. I dug down further and put some very heavy kerb stones along next to the railway sleeper. This is so I can use the existing door panel I have to get to the egg hatch as I plan to put my eglu right up in the corner, sheltered by the fence and shed. A lot of heavy work and digging but the preparation is looking good!

The hens have been helping me today, which to any chicken keeper is known as ‘helping’ aka, not helping….. But they mean well! It has been really lovely spending the day with the girls though as i’m not often so close to them for so long.

Here are the results! I think me and the girls will sleep well tonight, shattered!

Mother of Hens x

IMG_7720   IMG_7722IMG_7723

Above – Wow, what a lot of help these girls are, especially Belina who is on kerb stone quality control and testing out the material strength!

Below – The finished end for the cage to rest on so I can use the door, otherwise it would sink into the ground.


Below – Finally we have Belina showing off the ivy I planted. There was a broken pot left in the garden with an enormous ball of roots so I have broken it up and planted it along the edge, hoping it will grown around the cage and provide shade but also make it look nice.