So, for reasons known to most people who know me I am moving my chicken coop. I put a lot of work into the coop, having concrete footings built to make it fox proof and spending many hours designing it. I may in the future post some pictures of how it was, but for now it seems a better attitude to post pictures of how the new build is going, despite the last one being super fabulous! Got to stay positive and put my energy into what i’m making now.

The hope is that by moving the coop one problem will be solved, but also, I plan to have a summer house at the end of the garden that I can make really cosy to sit in and gradually I will train the girls to come in and hop up on my lap. This seems incredibly cute, but potentially unlikely knowing my girls! I can also plant some trees to make the world’s most miniature woodland!

So today has involved a lot of digging. This is before the digging:

And then after. What a lovely pile of mud!


Of course the girlsIMG_7709 were helping too. I am hoping they feel a sense of achievement by being involved in the build. Perhaps the satisfaction humans get when building their own homes?

Or maybe they just wanted worms.

Yes, they were probably just being nosey beaks and just wanted worms!

The reason for the L shape is to avoid having to cut the apple tree and I figured I could grow some nice plants in the corner. Lots more things to think about, but for now I am satisfied and tired after a day of digging.

Mother of Hens x

Here are the girls helping, aka, not really helping much, more getting in the way but being cute whilst doing so!