It has taken me this many years of my life to appreciate nature that little bit more!

Now I am finally a garden owner it is fascinating me to see nature day to day. My Mum planted us some strawberry plants in a tub for Easter and now we have some little green strawberries right at our fingertips. I have covered them with some mesh to stop the wild birdies coming to snack. Maybe I will make some scones when the strawbs are ready and have a partially home made cream tea in our garden!


Next up we have raspberries. These are only titchy at the moment but it’s amazing to see them already. Actually the fruits of our labour as Mum and I made a fruit and vegetable patch a few weeks ago, albeit only raspberries and tomatoes!


Our third and final fruit is apples. When we moved in late last summer we enjoyed the last few fruits of our wonderful eating apple tree. This was definitely a selling point of our house, it’s a beautiful tree. It needed some love and care and with Mum’s guidance we pruned it, but not too much. It seems to have done the job as there are tiny little apples growing, it’s incredible, and will be edible!


So there we have it, a few little snippets of gardening from a complete novice in both gardening and weblogging!


Mother of Hens x